> Chalet da Condessa

The second half of the nineteenth century, D. Fernando II and his future second wife, Elise Hensler, Countess of Edla, created in the western part of the Pena Park a Chalet and a Garden of a private character and romantic sensibility, space of refuge.


Chalet da Condessa - Tour 

App, Duration: 2h 30m

Price per carriage: 120 Euros 

Wainting time of the chalet visit 30 minutes.


The course is identical to that of the Palace of Pena .

Between 1864 and 1869 was built the so-called chalet of the Countess D´Edla and developed a strong landscaping intervention in the surrounding area. Influenced by the romantic spirit of the time, D.Fernando and Elise Hensler, future countess of Edla, have devised one of the most idyllic and picturesque areas within what is considered to be the largest and most emblenatic romantic park ever conceived in Portugal .